Influencer Policy


Posting Requirements

All posting requirements associated with offers are outlined in two places - the initial offer email and the Shopping Beautifully product page.

These requirements are not optional. They're highlighted in two places to ensure you're fully aware of what is expected of you in exchange for products prior to checkout.

Failure to participate puts you at risk of removal from the network.

General Posting Requirements

  • Mention and tag @insertbrandname

  • Utilize hashtag #insertbrandname

  • Make sure brand and product names are utilized and spelled correctly in captions.

  • Give your opinion. These offers are meant as an opportunity to review the products you’re gifted.

    • “Thanks @insertbrandname for the flat iron” is an example of an insufficient caption.

  • No Instagram Stories or haul/ round-up posts

    • We would love to see these in additional to traditional posts, but they do not fulfill posting requirements on their own.

  • Offers cannot be combined with other Shopping Beautifully offers or paired with competitive products.

  • Posts most remain up and publicly accessible for at least 30 days after the campaign deadline.

Content Ownership

You retain full ownership of content created for the purposes of fulfilling campaign requirements. Brands are allowed to share your content on their social channels, website or in their email campaigns as long as they give proper credit to you.


Removal from the Network

Removing influencers from our network is never something we're happy about doing. Unfortunately, at times, individuals fail to uphold ethical influencer marketing practices.

The following are reasons why we might remove someone from the network.

  • Failure to fulfill posting requirements

  • FTC violations (failure to disclose paid or sponsored posts)

  • Making a profile private or deleting submitted posts

Shopping Beautifully reserves the right to remove anyone from our network at any time for any reason. The list above only serves as an example of the primary reasons this may happen. 


Any other questions?

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us