Who are the Shopping Beautifully Influencers?

Trust and authenticity are two things we’re always striving for here at Shopping Beautifully. That’s one of the top reasons why we decided to build the network around micro-influencers instead of those with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers.

Shopping Beautifully members typically have between 10k-100k followers. Their followings are smaller, but highly-engaged, and the influencers themselves are incredibly approachable – they’re more like close friends than spokespeople. This combination makes them perfect for helping brands cut through the clutter.

Their extremely captive audiences truly value what they have to say, which provides great opportunities for up-and-coming brands and new products to capture valuable consumer attention. Being so deeply connected to their audiences also means micro-influencers maintain levels of trust and authenticity that are often lost as accounts get larger.

This is what Shopping Beautifully is all about - connecting high-quality brands with authentic influencers. It all starts with making sure we bring the right beauty influencers to the table.

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If you’re a brand or influencer looking to learn more about how it all works, don’t hesitate to reach out!